Faika had a number of solo exhibitions in Bahrain as well as abroad.

Circles of Hope


Al Bareh Art Gallery,

Manama, Bahrain

October 2007


The artist’s first solo exhibition was held at Al Bareh Art Gallery where she showcased a unique collection of art pieces with the woman taking center stage. Through the women in her paintings, her audience finds continuity of life and hope.

Damascus Art House

Damascus, Syria

March 2010


At the Art House, Faika showed a number of paintings she described as a ray of light, a beam of light, an illusion with small figures and circles in a variety of colors and sizes.

Not Entirely Red

Al Bareh Art Gallery

Manama, Bahrain

November 2012


The fez (tarboush) in this series was the artist’s main subject. It is not entirely red, but colored by all the thoughts living within. Each tassel bears a thought that creates a more diverse humanity.


Faika al Hassan

contemporary artist

Cities of the Universe

Bin Matar House

Muharraq, Bahrain

October 2010


The exhibition at the Bin Mattar House displayed an array of works. For the first time, the artist ventured into using large-scale canvases, with the circle as a dominant motif in her paintings - a symbol of the universe. She also expanded her repertoire by designing her own jalabiyas and shawls in cotton and silk.

Not Entirely Red II

Wadi Finnan Gallery

Amman, Jordan

June 2013


Al Hassan’s second series of her highly successful ‘Not Entirely Red’ exhibition, was held in Amman under the patronage of HRH Princess Alia Altabbaa. The fez (tarboush) was again her main subject.


Ray of Light

European Commission

Brussels, Belgium

April 2012


In this series, small human figures evolving in a strict alignment or along large and anonymous spaces fill the paintings.


Al Bareh Art Gallery

Manama, Bahrain

October 2014


The theme of the luggage forms the essence of Faika Al Hassan’s exhibition. Framed in the confines of airplane windows, each painting reveals an open suitcase spewing forth its surreal contents. The artist’s message is that we are shaped by the emotional baggage that we accumulate over the years and that we carry with us on our journey.





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