Faika has actively participated in a number of international group exhibitions.

January 2017


“One Composition, Three Directions”, EU Parliament



Brussels, Belgium

May 2016


“Bahrain Art Across Borders”, V&A Museum




London, UK

August 2014


Asila Fine Arts Museum



Asila, Morocco

June 2009


“Across the Gulf”



Brisbane, Australia

October 2009


“Joint German & Bahraini Expo”, National Museum



Manama, Bahrain

June 2009


“Let It Be Jewelry”, Damascus Art House



Damascus, Syria

February 2009


“International Fair For Contemporary Art”



Innsbruck, Austria

July 2006


Galleria D’Arte Mentana



Firenze, Italy

June 2006


Institut Du Monde Arabe



Paris, France

Faika al Hassan

contemporary artist




P.O. Box 15919

Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain

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